Knowledge Engineering

The overall purpose of systems developed in the field of health informatics is to extract and present clinically relevant information. Biomedical information appears in many different forms, i.e., parameters, value measurements, time courses, images, volumes, and image and volume sequences. Methods to attain new types of information are continuously being developed and the detail and quality of recorded data is increasing rapidly. Huge amounts of potentially relevant information can be tied to one single patient.

In addition it is necessary to be able to integrate and analyze information from a large number of patients and time instances. This development has led to a situation where we, in a manner of speaking, are at risk of drowning in the overwhelming flow of information. To be able to extract the relations that are pertinent in a given situation and to present them in a way that it is simple to understand, is rapidly becoming the main problem. Efficient solutions to this problem will be crucial components in future health care arena. To develop principles and methods for such solutions is the goal of the research in the field of health informatics in the next years. In particular the research group focuses on the development of systems for biomedical decision support and medical image analysis.

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