High Performance and Graphics

High Performance and Graphics addresses and promotes the integration of two main domains: High Performance Computing (HPC) and Computer Graphics (CG). 

HPC focuses on (i) system software engineering, mainly development of tools and frameworks for efficient parallel computing on heterogeneous platforms with multi- and many-core computing units, at cluster and node level, (ii) aspect oriented programming techniques to improve compositional properties and techniques to efficiently map parallel programming abstractions across heterogeneous platforms, and (iii) scientific computing applications across multi-disciplinary subjects and addressing data science on heterogeneous platforms, with an emphasis on the simulation of nano materials.

The CG focus for the past 5 years has been in the areas of Photo Realistic Lighting, Mobile Systems and Computer Vision and Interactivity. In the near future it is expected to extend the activity for Computer Generated Holography, with significant number of PhD students, publications and funding resources. The research group focuses in (i) global illumination exploiting spatio-temporal coherence, (ii) rendering techniques for three dimensional displays with emphasis on holography, and (iii) accelerate rendering, without compromising on the perceptual quality of the resulting images, by developing faster image synthesis algorithms and leveraging efficient utilization of heterogeneous parallel systems.