Language Processing

At gEPL, Language Processing Lab, we research on theory and technology (approaches, methods and tools) necessary to process with efficiency small to huge text files (containing sentences written in formal languages, markup languages or natural languages) in order to extract from them information to create and handle knowledge. This goes from the traditional Compilers/Interpreters to NL (Natural Language) Translation tools, including the paraphernalia of XML Processing tools. In more detail it can be said that inside gEPL we work on Language-based tools for code analysis, information representation, and knowledge creation, Ontology-aware systems, the archive and preservation of digital documents annotated in XML, the Construction of Computational Linguistic resources and tools, and the Development of Bilingual-aware tools.

Grammar-based approach to Programming, and Automatic program Generation are some of our main concerns. Program Comprehension supported by Ontologies is the most ambitious project that involves all the topics we study.